• 20 yard containers can be used for up to 10 days, smaller containers can be used for up to 7 days. If containers are needed for longer than the initial rental period, a daily charge will apply.
  • The rental rate includes 2 tons of material to be dumped. Anything above 2 tons will be charged back at the standard landfill rates.
  • The containers can be used for any material except those that are regulated by the local landfills. No Waste Oil, Lead Based Paint, Lead Acid Batteries, Household Appliances, Waste Tires (in any form), or any other hazardous waste.
  • Containers can be used to haul off broken Concrete, River Rock, Boulders, and Landscape Refuse. Please inform us of this use when booking the container.
  • At drop off, we will show you the fill line and answer any questions you may have.
  • If the containers are weighed at more than 2 tons at the landfill, there will be an additional charge. This charge will be the fee charged by the landfill without mark-up.
  • Renter must obtain the proper permits, barricades, and anything else required for a container to be placed on public property, street, or alley.
  • Renter accepts liability for any damage made to pavements, driving surfaces, container placement areas, lawns, or any other area utilized by South Farm Containers.
  • Renter accepts full responsibility for the equipment and custody of containers against any and all claims resulting in Renter’s use.

Containers are available in 3 sizes:
12 Yard | Width 8′ Length 10′ and Height 4′
16 Yard | Width 8’ Length 14’ and Height 4’
19 Yard | Width 8’ Length 16’ and Height 4’


16 Yard Containers can be requested with Rubber Wheels.

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